Hip Hip Hooray

It’s been too long finding a solution to this problem but I’m finally able to access all of my web sites I manage from home again. For some reason during the last 30-40 days I’ve been unable to access my sites hosted at GoDaddy from my Exede satellite internet provider. They have been pointing fingers at each other (with me as the middle man) since this has started.

My old hosting account was about to run out and I’ve been making plans to upgrade to a new hosting plan with new software. Guess what? Yup – I have access again. So somewhere on GoDaddy’s original server I’ve been hosted on has been my problem. With the new hosting plan I’m on a different server with different software. That’s the only thing that has changed. And GoDaddy won’t admit to it. Even when faced with this evidence.

Now that the problem is over, maybe I’ll be able to update this site more frequently.

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