Beginning Preparations to Purchase A New 5th-Wheel Trailer

In order to afford a new truck large enough to pull a descent 5th-wheel, some things need to be sold off.  Like all of our cars and the house, and yes, even the airplane.  I’ve been working to get the jeep working again (it’s had a computer problem – to start with) and I just ordered a heavy-duty paper cutter that’s strong enough to cut the bindings away from magazines.  

I’ve been mulling over selling all of my old electronic magazines on ebay but it doesn’t seem like they’ve been selling very fast or for very much money.  The other option is to scan them into the computer.  I have a fast scanner but trying to manually cut the bindings off with an electric scissor and a knife has been taking an interminable length of time for each magazine.  The paper cutter makes a clean cut through all of the pages at once (up to 600 pages at a time); after checking for residual glue which might hold the pages together and cause issues during the scanning process, it takes about a minute to scan the pages.  When I started a few days ago, I worked for nearly 4.5 hours straight and copied a little over 40 magazines!  It’s a lot faster than doing one every 30 minutes or so.  

Cleanup after the hurricane is continuing though getting call backs from contractors is impossible – so far.  I’m going to see if I can speed up the process a little by calling individual contractor companies like roofing, windows, etc., instead of relying totally on one building contractor for everything.  

The Commissary at Tyndall AFB is now open!  That is one thing so many people have been waiting for.  There really isn’t a good place to get groceries on this side of town with Wynn Dixie still undergoing rebuilding.  Can’t believe how expensive food is in “regular” grocery stores compared to what we’re used to at the Commissary.  

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