Starting A New Category

I have been considering starting a new category called Walkabout Florida to showcase scenes I run across while I’m out walking around the state.  No, I won’t be taking pictures while hiking all over the state (because I won’t be hiking) but I will take photos where ever I stop on my trips.  Whether it be state parks or shopping centers, national wildlife refuges or nationally-recognized theme parks, tourist attractions, or even my backyard, I’ll take a few photos to share with you.  Hope you come along and enjoy the trip with me!

Tonight, the photo I’m sharing is one you may have seen before.  I didn’t have to travel very far to capture it; I literally took this photo right through my kitchen window!  I like it when photographic opportunities come to me!  If I end up with a series of photos from one location, I’ll add them as a slideshow right here in the blog so you won’t have to do anything except sit back and enjoy!

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Between The Storms

It was a beautiful day to visit Panama City Beach yesterday.  Even though there were storms over the Gulf that were pushing on shore, they seemed to split around where I was and left this great view of the Gulf of Mexico!

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It Has Been Awhile Since My Last Update

Many things conspire to keep people from doing things they’d rather be doing.  In my case, I’ve been getting more and more busy taking real estate photos for agents and people who are managing vacation rentals.  I haven’t completely forgot about this page – at least not yet.  I’ve been experimenting with other page layout software, some of which I already have but haven’t utilized yet.  Still trying to work out some problems of what should be relatively simple changes.  I guess with WordPress and some of the templates I’ve been trying, things aren’t always as they seem.  I have some outstanding questions for the developers; maybe I’ll start getting some answers when they finally get back to work tomorrow.  

One of the things I’m experimenting with is featured images and their location in the blog.  I’ve included one here; let me know what you think.  [Update] Well, it looks like the featured image didn’t get displayed as I thought it should.  So I went ahead and added the image to the top of this post.  Sorry…still learning and trying to figure out how all the different WordPress parts work together (or don’t).  

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Memorial Day Outing

Well folks, I’m back.  I was invited by some friends to join them on an early morning boating trip on Deer Point Lake on Memorial Day.  We left the dock about 30 minutes before sunrise and stopped at a place to view the rising sun and experience the lake waking up!  It was quite an eventful trip; we say all the typical bird and animal species but in numbers greater than usual!  I’ll add more photos to the gallery over the next few days but here are a few to start with:

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Still Looking

I’m still looking for a good WordPress Theme I can use for my sites.  Photocrati seems to be OK especially since they’ve finally incorporated the NextGen Pro photo management system.  However, it appears further development is going to be restricted in favor of another system they’re moving to called Imagely.  So, I signed up for that expecting it would be about as good as the Photocrati system.  Ooops, not so fast.  It isn’t easy or intuitive (at least to me) and it’s been like pulling teeth getting one of my simpler sites ported over to the new software plus there aren’t any themes I really like.  So I’m staying with Photocrati for now.

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