Memorial Day Outing

Well folks, I’m back.  I was invited by some friends to join them on an early morning boating trip on Deer Point Lake on Memorial Day.  We left the dock about 30 minutes before sunrise and stopped at a place to view the rising sun and experience the lake waking up!  It was quite an eventful trip; we say all the typical bird and animal species but in numbers greater than usual!  I’ll add more photos to the gallery over the next few days but here are a few to start with:

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Still Looking

I’m still looking for a good WordPress Theme I can use for my sites.  Photocrati seems to be OK especially since they’ve finally incorporated the NextGen Pro photo management system.  However, it appears further development is going to be restricted in favor of another system they’re moving to called Imagely.  So, I signed up for that expecting it would be about as good as the Photocrati system.  Ooops, not so fast.  It isn’t easy or intuitive (at least to me) and it’s been like pulling teeth getting one of my simpler sites ported over to the new software plus there aren’t any themes I really like.  So I’m staying with Photocrati for now.

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Sad News

I returned from my trip to the Gulf Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival this past Sunday only to find that my sister’s husband was taking a turn for the worse.  Yesterday I found out he had passed away.  So instead of updating this blog with my latest escapades from the festival and exploring the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, I have to let you know I’ll be out of touch a few more days.  I’ll have most of the photos I took with me so maybe I’ll be able to throw another update together while I’m away but I doubt it.  I hope everybody has a a great week and stay safe.

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Another Day, Another Late Evening Shot

There I was, yesterday, with two photo shoots booked for today.  I wanted to get everything done today so I could take the full day tomorrow to get my new XM radio properly mounted in the jeep and get packed for the trip I’m taking to Merritt Island and the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife festival Thursday through Sunday.  Best laid plans…

One real estate lady had used some amenity photos without permission and when emailed about it she apologized and immediately took them down.  I offered to shoot her condo anyway (same one I was shooting at anyway) for an “introductory” price and she agreed.  However, her “agreement” email seemed to suggest she was expecting all of the amenity photos.  When I pointed out they don’t come with the shoot, she immediately cancelled.  Oh well; her loss.

Then when I did show up to shoot at the condo for my regular agent, we found the unit not ready as promised.  So I have to go back tomorrow.  I wanted to leave Wednesday as a preparation and packing day for the trip starting on Thursday.

I got the new XM radio installed in my jeep today but not without some help from tech support.  After getting cut off after 30 minutes of waiting, I called back but found the problem before I could get through all of the screening automated questions.  So it’s now activated and the old portable which doesn’t work well anyway is off the account.

Saw some deer nearby when I was working on the radio.  They were so close I’m sure they would have bolted if I went for the camera so I just enjoyed their company while I was on hold (before being cut off).  About a half hour later, and much darker outside, I noticed they were still there so I did grab the camera and tried to get some photos as it was nearly impossible to see.  I managed to get a few using some extreme settings on the camera which makes the photo a little grainy.  So please enjoy it for what it is…

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Central Florida Photos

A couple of weeks ago I went with two friends to visit the Viera Wetlands near Viera, FL and the Circle B Bar Ranch in Lakeland, FL.  There was quite a bit of wildlife at both places.  Viera Wetlands was a bunch of wetland ponds that are circled by roads/walking trails and have several benches and overlook areas where you can view the wildlife (mostly birds and alligators).  Circle B Bar Ranch use to be part of a large cattle ranch but was donated to the state to manage as a wildlife habitat.  It has a lot of marsh-like ponds and wetland areas and butts up against Lake Hancock.   I like the Circle B Bar Ranch a little more because it is heavily tree-covered and can harbor a greater variety of wildlife than Viera.  But they’re both great places to visit.  Here are some photos I’ve captured from the ranch:

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