No Problem Here

No, we don’t have any bear problems out here where I live.  At least not until recently.  There has always been a small bear population in this area but they’ve pretty much kept to themselves […]

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Last Photo of 2017

I thought I’d share my final photo I took in 2017.  There were lots of hunters out in the Apalachicola National Forest with their “high rise” 4x4s and dogs all looking for a deer. All […]

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Native Plants Are Important For Wildlife

Please consider utilizing native plants when planning and updating your landscapes. Why you ask? Good question. This is from the Audubon’s Plants for Birds program:   “So why are native plants so important to us […]

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Feeling Hopeful

I just checked the weather for Columbia, Missouri which is where I’ll be next Monday for the eclipse.  The forecast is looking great so I’m hoping it holds.  I’d hate to drive all the way […]

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Hip Hip Hooray

It’s been too long finding a solution to this problem but I’m finally able to access all of my web sites I manage from home again. For some reason during the last 30-40 days I’ve […]

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Starting A New Category

I have been considering starting a new category called Walkabout Florida to showcase scenes I run across while I’m out walking around the state.  No, I won’t be taking pictures while hiking all over the […]

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Between The Storms

It was a beautiful day to visit Panama City Beach yesterday.  Even though there were storms over the Gulf that were pushing on shore, they seemed to split around where I was and left this […]

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It Has Been Awhile Since My Last Update

Many things conspire to keep people from doing things they’d rather be doing.  In my case, I’ve been getting more and more busy taking real estate photos for agents and people who are managing vacation […]

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Memorial Day Outing

Well folks, I’m back.  I was invited by some friends to join them on an early morning boating trip on Deer Point Lake on Memorial Day.  We left the dock about 30 minutes before sunrise […]

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Still Looking

I’m still looking for a good WordPress Theme I can use for my sites.  Photocrati seems to be OK especially since they’ve finally incorporated the NextGen Pro photo management system.  However, it appears further development […]

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